Things you need to know about ISO 14001

Things you need to know about ISO 14001

ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for powerful environmental management machine (EMS). It offers a framework that an enterprise can follow, in place of organizing environmental overall performance necessities. ISO 14001 is a voluntary preferred that corporations can also use it for certification. Integrating it with different management systems standards, most normally ISO 9001, can similarly assist in conducting organizational desires. It is international standard which is accepted by all organizations and by all countries. The most recent version of ISO 14001 was published in 2015.

But achieving ISO 14001 is not so easy therefore there are many companies which are offering ISO 14001 training. Some companies also offer lead auditors training.

Significance of ISO 14001: Now a days, companies have to bear a lot of difficulties. It gives recognition to companies to reduce their environmental footprints. It improves the relationships of companies with their customers and employees. Many companies can save their expenses by the implementation of environmental management system. By implementing environment management system, many companies can reduce the liability cost and can get insurance at reasonable cost.

Benefits of ISO 14001 for company: The benefits of ISO 14001 for companies can never be neglected. Some of the benefits of ISO 14001 for companies have been given in this article.

Improve image and credibility: Having ISO 14001 certification will improve image of company and it will give assurance to customers that company is willing for commitment to demonstrate environmental impacts.

Cost-control: It will reduce the cost of companies in many ways such as by reducing the cost of insurance plan and by conserving energy and input materials.

Engage more people: Having ISO 14001 certification will build trust of employees on company and as a result it will increase engagement of employees in company. As a result, it will increase productivity.

Mandatory steps to get certified: For successful certification, the company will have to do a lot of struggle. Few of these steps have been given below.

Internal audit: Internal audit is mandatory to check EMS processes. It ensures that all of the records are in place to confirm compliance.

Management review: The evaluation of relevant facts by the management will make it possible to take appropriate decisions and to assign resources.

Corrective actions: If there is any problem found after internal audit or management review then it is mandatory to correct the root cause and to identify the solution of these problems.

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