Importance of lighting during weddings

Importance of lighting during weddings

Importance of lighting during weddings

Lighting defiantly plays a vital role in any event, whether it is a birthday party, wedding event, corporate function, conferences, seminars, workshops or even trade shows. Lighting is always important for these events. It makes environment beautiful and give aesthetic look to event. It gives ambiance and depth to event and as well as engage other things like slideshows presentation, song and seating. There are four major elements of event lighting 

  • Best lighting arrangement illuminate the facilitators, speaker, performer and panel of experts. It also engages the audience and facilitates the big picture.
  • There are many types of lighting that are used to focus a person or certain object. It helps audience to center their attention.
  • Lighting also helps to change the audience’s mood. It creates good impact on audience and enhances the appropriate atmosphere.
  • Lighting can also create the balance in event. You can use different colors lighting to guide attentions and emotions.

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Wedding lighting is more than stylistic element because it is just a force. Music just controls the energy and mood of audience and dancing people, while lighting maintain the ambiance and aura of whole event.   Illumination plays important role in wedding event because it helps to décor your event and creates the aesthetic enviro0ment.

In wedding there are mostly three levels of lighting.

Ceremony:   lighting creates romantic and precise environment while wedding ceremony which is most important part of the wedding.

Dinners and cocktails: while cocktail or dinner time light also play important role there. It amuses the audience. You can décor your this level with some focal and floral. You can showcase your signature style through lighting.

Dancing and Revelry:  This part is one of the important parts of wedding. You should create perfect environment for dancing through beautiful lights. That’s how you can enjoy the party and can make memorable moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

You should not be afraid to have fun with lighting. You can use ambient lights on walls and floors, bathe fabric, it will create best impression on your audience. Remember one thing that lighting is the initial stages of your wedding plan process.

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